What’s on

  • January 2024

  • ROOTS: Alleyne Dance Workshop

    20 Jan 2024 - 21 Jan 2024, Various Curve Theatre, Leicester

    Play with the art of intention and honesty of movement through strength, complexity and technical artistry. This intensive workshop from Alleyne Dance will consist of company class, learning repertoire and a creative session. This will be a physically demanding program involving complex and technical vocabulary, where participants will develop their performance skills, stamina and creative language.

  • February 2024

  • Little Murmur: Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children, Egypt

    1 Feb 2024 Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children, Egypt

    Little Murmur is a dance theatre show for everyone age 7+, families and schools, that features groundbreaking projection, an extraordinary soundscape and a blizzard of paper and confetti. Diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Aakash Odedra found school very challenging: he spelt his name wrongly until he was 21 and it wasn’t until he “found the missing ‘A’” that he felt he belonged. Defined by his learning difficulties, not his abilities, dance became his mode of expression. Combining visual design and technology with dance and humour, Little Murmur explores the warped and exaggerated realities of living in a world you struggle to process. Based on Aakash’s hugely moving show Murmur 2.0, this stunning visual treat is an honest and heart felt conversation about the trials and tribulations of living with dyslexia, facing challenges and overcoming the odds. Watch bodies and words fly like flocks of birds, a murmuration, a little murmur.

  • ROOTS: Akram Khan Company Workshop

    17 Feb 2024 - 18 Feb 2024, Various The Place, London

    Unearth a combination of elements to explore stillness, energy transition and body transformation through improvisation in this workshop from Akram Khan Company. The workshop will start with a practice combining elements of Tai Chi, Chinese folk dance, floor work and vocal guidance. The articulation of these qualities will lead into learning excerpts from Akram Khan Company repertoire piece ‘Until the Lions’.